• 750ml-ll of cooking sake
  • l/2 lbs of ogo OR rehydrated Kombul
  • 1-3 abalone per person

Step 1 : Preparing the pot

Pour sake in large pot and place a steamer basket over the sake. The sake should just touch the bottom of the steamer basket.

Step 2 : Load the pot

Place seaweed in steamer basket, then place the abalone, foot side down on seaweed. Be sure to keep space between the abalone and don’t crowd them.

Step 3 : Start cooking

Place top on your pot and bring sake to gentle boil. Once boiling immediately turn down to a low simmer.

Allow abalone and seaweed to steam for l hour. Don’t peak you don’t want any of that sake steam to escape!

Step 3 : Serve it up

After l hour remove the abalone from the pot, abalone should slide out of the shell.

  • Remove guts from the shell side of the abalone using a paring knife. Discard abalone guts and seaweed.

  • Slice abalone width-wise into l/4 in slices and return to shell.

  • Serve with a miso, ginger, soy reduction, rice and steamed Bok Choy.

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