20 Live Purple Hotchi (Purple Sea Urchin)


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20 Whole Live Purple Hotchis (5 Pieces of Uni in each). Purple Hotchis are smaller, sweeter and creamier than the red sea urchin.

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Our Purple Hotchis are no ordinary urchins! Hotchis are guaranteed to have full, robust, high quality, golden uni as a result of consistent feedings of kelp and other native seaweeds at our Farm. Purple Hotchis are unique from their wild counterparts – wild urchins can be highly inconsistent in terms of uni yield and quality. While some wild purple urchins have been eating well — resulting in rich, plump uni — other wild purple urchins are starving and may be completely devoid of roe. Until an urchin is cracked open there is no way to determine the yield or quality of the uni. This variability and inconsistency is a frustration of both urchin divers and chefs alike who seek high-quality uni.   

At The Cultured Abalone Farm, we partner with local Santa Barbara urchin divers Stephanie Mutz and Harry Liquornik, who hand-collect wild urchins off the Channel Islands and bring them to the Farm. Over the course of many weeks, these urchins are fed fresh kelp and other native seaweeds that we culture on-site. This high-protein, all-you-can-eat diet gives our Purple Hotchis their unparalleled sweetness and robust plump texture. 

In other words, our Purple Hotchis enjoy a “finishing diet” like no other urchins in the world!