Abalone/Purple Hotchi Mix Pack


Can’t decide between Abalone and Purple Hotchis? We have you covered with our Abalone/Purple Hotchi Mix Pack.  6 live whole Purple Hotchis and a 6-Pack of live whole abalone. It’s a win-win!

Look good, feel comfortable, and support our Farm with our new T-shirts – made locally right here in Santa Barbara, CA

Large, acid-washed and finished abalone shell – a beautiful addition to your home, and a great gift. Due to the finish we use to seal these, they are not food-safe.

Looking for more handmade crafts?

Please visit our Etsy store by highlighting the following link and copying it into your address bar — https://www.etsy.com/shop/CulturedAbalone



Our abalone and purple hotchis are hand-cultured at our Farm in Santa Barbara. Abalone are spawned in our Hatchery and grown on-site for several years before reaching market size (90-100 grams). Over that time, they are bathed in cool, clean ocean water and enjoy a hand-fed diet of giant kelp and other live native seaweeds that we farm in our tanks.

Our Purple Hotchis are no ordinary urchins! In a unique partnership between commercial wild-capture fisheries and aquaculture,  purple urchin are collected from the wild, then fattened and finished at  The Cultured Abalone Farm.  Once in our tanks, the urchin have continuous access to a high quality diet of kelp and fresh native seaweeds, allowing them to direct more energy into producing robust, plump uni. This “finishing diet” is what makes them Purple Hotchis – uni that is consistent in quality, flavor, and yield.   


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