20 Pack Live Abalone


20 Pieces of Live Abalone. Each abalone is ~100 grams which translates to about 4 pieces/lb. We recommend 3-4 pieces/ person as an entree or 1-2 pieces/person as an appetizer. They are packed and shipped in oxygen-filled bags for longer shelf life and will keep well in the fridge for about 2 days, or can be shucked and frozen for future consumption.

Look good, feel comfortable, and support our Farm with our new T-shirts – made locally right here in Santa Barbara, CA

Large, acid-washed and finished abalone shell – a beautiful addition to your home, and a great gift

A unique addition in any room – a live air plant (Tillandsia) set inside an urchin shell and hung with monofilament line…looks like a floating jellyfish



We take pride in hand-culturing abalone from egg to plate! Red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) start their lives in our Hatchery, where we spawn on an ongoing basis. It takes several years to grow an abalone to market size (~100 grams) – that whole time our team is hand-feeding giant kelp and other live native seaweeds that are cultured in tanks at our Farm.

Abalone have been treasured for millennia not only for their delicious, healthy meat, but also their beautiful shells – with gorgeous banded colors on top and mother-of-pearl on the inside, abalone shells were prized for jewelry and decoration.

By sourcing and preparing our abalone, you are supporting a family-run farm – thank you and enjoy!